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party city coupons codes 2013

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Alitalia CityLiner means Alitalia CityLiner S.
These rules do not form part of the contract of carriage and are subject to changes from time to time by the competent regulatory and legislative authorities.
Authorised Agent Means an agent appointed by Alitalia to sell air transport services to passengers such as, by a way of example only, travel agencies, on-line sale sites, etc.
Unless otherwise specified, the definition of baggage shall include both checked and undelivered baggage.
Animals travelling with the passenger are considered baggage.
Carrier Means the legal entity that performs air carriage.
Distinction must be made between the Marketing Carrier and the Operating Carrier.
The Operating Carrier is every carrier, different from the Marketing Carrier, which, by agreement with or authorisation from the Marketing Carrier, actually provides carriage in whole or in part.
Fares are shown in the appropriate box of the ticket.
Flight or Travel Means the itinerary of the agreed carriage, which may consist of one or more segments.
IATA Means the International Air Transport Association, the trade association of which click the following article of the world's commercial airlines are members.
More information about IATA are available on the website.
ICAO Means the International Civil Aviation Organization, an agency of United Nations dealing with the regulation of civil aviation.
More information about ICAO are available on the website.
Passenger Means any individual who is not a member of the cockpit crew or cabin crew of the flight in question, carried or to be carried on an aircraft with Alitalia's consent, normally upon payment of the applicable fare.
Checked Baggage or delivered baggage, or cargo hold baggage Means the baggage or the animal travelling with the passenger of which Alitalia takes sole custody and for which the Airline has issued a baggage check so called baggage receipt.
SDR "Special Drawing Rights" Means a unit of account created by the International Monetary Fund in order to have a unified and homogeneous currency for international commercial transactions, the value of which is reported on major financial newspapers and on the Internet.
Segment Means each and every national, international or intercontinental leg of a flight.
Stopover Means an interruption of travel at an intermediate place i.
Ticket Means the document issued by Alitalia, or in its name or on its behalf by Authorized Agents, whether in form of a receipt or electronic document, which confirms the conclusion of the contract of carriage and legitimates the use of the service.
Time Limit of Acceptance Means the time limit by which check-in must be completed.
Unchecked baggage or undelivered baggage Means any baggage or animal travelling with the passenger that is not checked and, therefore, not consigned to the Airline and that can be carried in the passenger cabin.
Any accessory services, including those offered by Alitalia, are regulated by rules relating to the service offered from time to time and by the general conditions of contract of the relevant provider.
Alitalia utilizes standard contractual forms of international air transport, such as, by way of example only, code share, wet lease, and so on.
Within such contractual forms it may happen that a flight, even though bought through Alitalia channels, be operated by carriers different from Alitalia so called Operating Carriers.
In such cases G.
In the event of conflict between these G.
C of the Operating Carriers, the latter conditions will prevail over these G.
Alitalia will assume the role of Marketing Carrier pursuant to the applicable rules and it will notify the passenger of the identity of the Operating Carriers.
Authorized Agents will also inform the passenger on the identity of the Operating Carriers when such differ from the Marketing Carrier.
If the passenger and Alitalia agree that the carriage has to be performed by successive carriers cumulative carriageincluding the same Alitalia, as a single carriage, these G.
Conjunction ticket means two or more tickets concurrently issued to a passenger and which together constitute a single contract of carriage.
In the case of charter flights, these G.
Contract of carriage The contract of carriage is concluded with the purchase of the Ticket and the G.
The purchase of the Ticket can be preceded by reservation.
Alitalia is not responsible for damages caused by failing to or erroneously completing such registration, unless such may be ascribed to misconduct or negligence of the company.
If the passenger fails to complete the payment for the Ticket before the date specified by Alitalia or Authorized Agents when the reservation was made, then Alitalia will be entitled to cancel the confirmed booking.
Alitalia will do everything possible to confirm the anticipated assignment of seats on board.
However, in case of substitution or modification of the aircraft which should have been used for a certain flight, assignment of seats may not be assured even though the passenger had received confirmation.
If the passenger has paid an extra fee to be assigned a certain seat on board, the Airline will reimburse said extra fee if such seat is not available due to the reasons above.
Except for different provisions under the applicable Fare Rules, to be communicated by Authorized Agents, ticket offices and Contact Center operators to passengers at the time of booking, prospective variations of Fares exceeding or diminishingtaxes and charges imposed by third parties such as airport charges and other taxes, duties or additional costs for safety in the period between the booking and the purchase of Ticket will be applied, respectively, in favor or on the account of the passenger willing to finalize the purchase of Ticket.
Carriage will only be provided upon proof of the Ticket.
For security reasons, Alitalia has the right to check if the person presenting the Ticket is actually the person whose name appears on such Ticket.
If the Ticket is presented by a person other than the passenger having the right to be carried or refunded, Alitalia subject to its right to withdraw the Ticket will neither perform carriage nor refund the person who presents the ticket.
The Ticket is non-transferable to third parties.
The term of validity of the Ticket is indicated by the applicable Fare Rules.
If no term of validity is indicated a Ticket is valid for: a one year from the issuance date; or b one year from the date of the first leg indicated by the Ticket, subject to operation of the first leg within one year from the issuance date.
The rules for Ticket refund are set forth in article 10 of these G.
If the passenger is unable to begin travel within the term of validity of the Ticket due to illness - based on a medical certificate which must be provided to the Airline - Alitalia will extend the validity of the Ticket to the day on which the passenger, always based on such medical certificate, is able to travel or to the party city coupons codes 2013 flight following such date, departing from the place from which travel should have begun and having a seat available in the class for which the Fare had been paid, or subject to the payment of a difference for a higher fare should no seats are available on the same class.
The validity of the Ticket and of EMD related to any possible ancillary services, if available, will be extended for no more than three months from the date of party city coupons codes 2013 medical certificate if the Ticket provides one or more stopovers.
The validity of the Ticket will be extended for no more than three months from the date of the medical certificate if the Ticket provides one or more stopovers.
Changes will be made upon presentation of a suitable death certificate and, in any case, the term of validity of the Ticket shall not be extended by more than 45 forty-five days after the date of death.
The Ticket purchased by the passenger is valid only for the segment or segments specified on the Ticket, from the place of departure to the place of destination, including any stopover.
The Fare paid by the passenger refers to carriage as specified on the Ticket.
The Fare and applicable Fare Rules, as defined in article I of these G.
If the purchased Ticket includes a series of segments, these have to be used in the prescribed order.
Fares and other expenses 3.
The price of the Ticket includes the Fare, along with taxes and any other expenses applicable to transport which are prescribed by law or required by governmental or other competent authorities.
Fares apply only to carriage from the airport of departure to that of the final destination.
Changes to the trip after purchase, if allowed by the applicable Fare Fares, may imply an extra charge.
The requirements age, residence, and so on which may be requested to benefit from selected and special Fares may be verified at any time by Alitalia and have to exist at the time of boarding of the flight s.
In case of lack of such requirements, Alitalia may deny boarding or ask, where applicable, that the passenger pay the price difference for the Fare.
Fares, taxes and other additional charges are payable in the currency of the country in which the Ticket was issued, unless Alitalia or its agents, representatives and servants request - before or at the time the Ticket price is paid for - payment be made in another currency for just cause or other legitimate reason by way of example only, due to non-convertibility of the local currency.
Depending on the purchasing method chosen Authorised Agents, Contact Center operators, tickets offices, web site etc.
The time limit for passenger check-in is different at each airport.
Therefore, the passenger must find out about applicable time limits and respect them.
In any case, Alitalia or its Authorized Agents will article source the passenger with information on the time limit for check-in of the first flight shown on the Ticket.
It is always advisable arriving early for check-in to allow the Airline and the passenger completing formalities in the best manner.
For any and all subsequent flights, the passenger must find out about the applicable time limit for check-in, and verify that connection times between segments are sufficient for check-in and boarding.
Special indications and time limits may be given for certain passenger categories, such as passengers with reduced mobility, children under the age of 2 and unaccompanied minors or passengers traveling with animals see article 6.
Once check-in is completed, the passenger must arrive at the boarding gate no later than the time specified by Alitalia at check-in.
If the passenger does not arrive at the boarding gate by the prescribed time Alitalia will not be obliged to transport the passenger and may cancel the booking of first flight as well as of subsequent flights, always provided the application of Fare Rules regarding changes and refunds and without prejudice to the above article 3.
Alitalia is not liable for any cost or expense incurred by a passenger who has not complied with the terms and conditions of this articles.
In order to check in and board a flight, the passenger shall hold all of the documents to enter and leave the country, visas required for the trip, sanitary and vaccine certificates, along with proof of fitting requirements for special fares purchased, if any.
Such documents shall be valid during the operation and for the entire course of the flight.
Further provisions regarding administrative formalities are found in article 12 below.
Passengers with disability and limited mobility 6.
Rights of passengers with disabilities and limited mobility are disciplined by Regulation EC No.
Assistance to this category of passengers during their stay in the airport is responsibility of the European Union airport operators.
Nevertheless, Alitalia will do whatever possible to allow the carriage.
In order to guarantee the best service during boarding and disembarking as well as in-flight, it is advisable that passengers with disabilities and limited mobility who need special assistance arrive to check-in early in advance must check in before other passengers and, in any case, within the check-in time limit of the chosen flight.
Children below 2 years of age and unaccompanied minors 6.
Each child younger than 2 years of age must be accompanied by at least one parent or one person above 18 years of age.
Companion means an adult individual above 18 years of age to which the minor has been assigned on the basis of proper documentation.
Minors above 14 years of age may fly on their own on national flights, minors above 15 years of age may fly on their own on any flight, including international and intercontinental flights.
The procedure set forth by previous article 6.
Therefore these minors will be boarded with the same rules and procedures of every other passenger.
The above being said, on express request and upon payment of the requested surcharge, the minors can in any case enjoy the unaccompanied minors procedure, described by article 6.
The Company is not responsible for any damages or expenses due to the lack of such permission.
The passenger has the right to the carriage of Baggage within the limits and conditions established by Alitalia.
The hand Baggage and other belongings that the passenger may click at this page on board must be located under the seat in front of the passenger except for emergency seats or in the compartments of the passenger cabin.
Upon receipt of the Checked Baggage Alitalia will issue a Baggage receipt to the passenger for every checked piece.
That Baggage will be carried free of charge if provided by the chosen fare and allowance.
If the weight, dimension or number of pieces of a Checked Baggage exceed the allowed amount, the amount in excess excess baggage will be charged an additional FareFare and relevant receipt will be issued to the passenger.
Checked Baggage, within or in excess of the free Baggage allowance, is carried on the same aircraft as the passenger unless this proves to be non-feasible due to proven safety or operational reasons.
In this event Alitalia will carry such baggage on the next available flight and will redeliver it to the passenger.
Baggage and objects that are unsuitable for carriage in the cargo hold such as, by way of example only, fragile musical instruments and similar objects will be accepted for carriage only in the passenger cabin, if enough space is available and according to the special procedures specified by Alitalia to guarantee the safety of passengers and the crew.
Code sharing flights or flights with multiple carriers may have different conditions and allowances of Baggage carriage.
In addition, Checked Baggage cannot contain objects such as by way of example only : electronic cigarettes or pipes, valuables, fragile, or perishable objects, cash, jewels, precious metals, silverware, computers and their accessories, electronic gadgets or devices for personal use, cameras and photographic equipment, negotiable securities, credit instruments, government securities, stock and bond certificates or other securities, work, business, or commercial documents, passports and other personal identification documents, sample collections, heirlooms, antiques, artisanal or antique products, artworks, rare books, valuable publications or manuscripts, house wolf run slots free and car keys.
Alitalia has the right to refuse the carriage as Baggage, or refuse to continue the carriage, of any object that is unsuitable for carriage on the aircraft due to its dimensions, shape, weight, content, peculiar characteristics, fragility, perishability, for security or operative reasons, or because it may cause inconvenience or disturb to other passengers.
For reasons linked to the security of the aircraft and the passengers, the Airline may submit the Baggage to checks and inspections, also by means of electronic or radiogenic devices.
The passenger has the right to travel with animals only if they are appropriately housed in containers suitable for air carriage as specified by Alitalia.
Such documents will have to remain valid at time of check-in and throughout the entire travel.
The Airline is not responsible for any sanctions, loss, expenses or any consequence arising from not having checked the above conditions and limitations, from not holding the necessary documents or from not following the applicable norms and dispositions.
Alitalia will perform carriage in the agreed way and times.
In any case, regularity and punctuality of flights are subject to factors independent from Alitalia, such as weather conditions, airport flight traffic restrictions, control tower wait, strikes, and so on.
Such factors may determine a variation and, in more severe cases, the reschedule or cancellation of the flight.
Without prejudice to assistance obligations and norms that regulate Airline conduct in the single instances that many arise, Alitalia will communicate flight variations to passengers and do whatever possible to alleviate discomfort for its passengers.
The passenger must provide Alitalia with a phone number and email where the Airline may send communications related to any variation of flights.
Delay, cancellation, denied boarding overbooking and downgrade are disciplined by the applicable national, international laws and EU regulations, in particular the Regulation EC No.
Such provisions do not form part of the contract of carriage and are subject to modification from time to time by the competent legislative and regulatory bodies.
The ticket holder or the person who paid for the Ticket will be entitled to refund.
Refund of such taxes is also applicable to non-refundable tickets purchased through specific promotional offers.
In case of partial use of the Ticket, the reimbursed amount will be proportionate to the taxes on the non-flown segment.
A Ticket issued by Alitalia or by one of its Authorized Agents may be refunded up to 30 thirty days after its expiration date, unless more restrictive conditions are set by the Fare Rules.
Refunds of Tickets purchased through Authorized Agents must be requested to the Authorized Agents directly.
Alitalia reserves the right to make the refund with the same methods and currency used for the Ticket payment ARTICLE XI CONDUCT ABOARD 11.
The Captain is also authorized to act as he deems necessary for safety towards passengers whose behavior, physical or mental state are deemed dangerous for the safety of the flight.
The passenger undertakes to follow Alitalia's instructions that, for reasons of flight safety, prohibit or limit the on-board use of electronic devices such as, by way of example only: cell phones, portable computers, portable recorders, portable radio devices, Here players, electronic games, receiver-transmitter devices, including remote-controlled or radio-controlled toys and walkie-talkies.
The above does not include medical devices such as hearing or breathing aids or pacemakers essential to the passenger's health.
Nevertheless the passenger has to check in advance whether such devices are admissible, by calling the Contact Center.
In conformity with IATA procedures the prohibition to smoke also extends to electronic cigarettes starting from 1 April 2018.
A series of laws and regulations govern the service of carriage to passengers.
Failure to comply with such provisions may lead to denial of carriage.
In this respect please refer to articles 4.
The passenger must hold the necessary travel documents and must comply with laws, regulations, orders, rules and conditions established by the country of departure, destination, or transit.
Therefore, the passenger will have no right to any damages or refund from Alitalia due to consequences deriving from the lack or falsity of such no deposit uk 2013 or visas or from the infringement of such laws, regulations, orders, rules, and conditions, save the right Alitalia reserves to reimburse the ticket unused as a consequence of the visa refusal for reasons beyond the control of passenger that has been communicated to Alitalia prior to departure.
In addition to what provided under articles 4.
For such payments, the Airline party city coupons codes 2013 use any other sum that the passenger has paid for carriages not yet performed or for any other reason.
The passenger consents to show all documents required by the laws, regulations, orders and rules of the country of departure, transit, and destination, and must make certain that they are in order.
The passenger also undertakes to allow Alitalia to make a copy of such documents for purposes of complying with national, international more info foreign immigration laws.
Alitalia guarantees that the data contained therein will be processed in conformity to regulations for the protection of privacy.
Whenever a passenger is denied entry in a country, such passenger must reimburse Alitalia for any and all fines or other money-penalties issued, as well as all costs and expenses incurred, as a result of such denied entry.
In any case the passenger will not be entitled to a refund of amounts paid for carriage to the place of denied entry or expulsion.
The passenger is obliged to submit himself or herself to all ordinary security checks legitimately conducted by competent authorities, by other authorised parties or by Alitalia.
Such provisions do not form part of the contract of carriage and are subject to modification from time to time by the competent legislative and regulatory bodies.
The following information note resumes the above rules.
For damages not exceeding 113,100 ¹ for each passenger, the carrier shall not be able to exclude or limit its liability.
The carrier shall not be liable for the above damages to the extent that they exceed for each passenger 113,100 if the carrier proves that: a such damage was not due to the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of the carrier or its servants or agents; or b such damage was solely due to the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of a third party.
In case of death, the advance payment shall not be less than 16,000.
Such advance payments shall not constitute a recognition of liability and may be offset against any amounts subsequently paid as damages by the carrier.
Nevertheless, the carrier shall not be liable for damage occasioned by delay if it proves that it and its servants and agents took all measures that could reasonably be required to avoid the damage or that it was impossible for it or them to take such measures.
The liability of the carrier for each passenger is limited to 4,694 Special Drawing Rights.
Nevertheless, the carrier shall not be liable for damage occasioned by delay if it proves that it and its servants and agents took all measures that could reasonably be required to avoid the damage or that it was impossible for it or them to take such measures.
The liability of the carrier for each passenger is limited to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights.
In case of checked baggage, the carrier shall be liable for damage even though it was not caused by negligence, except for any baggage defects.
The carrier shall be liable for damage to unchecked baggage solely to the extent that such damage was caused by act or omission of the carrier.
Alitalia has entered into agreements with highly qualified partners operating in the insurance market and offers to passenger party city coupons codes 2013 policies against damages to baggage and other risks arising from, or otherwise connected with, the travel.
In the case of damage, the person entitled to delivery must complain to the carrier forthwith after the discovery of the damage, and, at the latest, within seven days from the date of receipt in the case of checked baggage.
In the case of delay, the complaint must be made at the latest within twenty-one days from the date on which the baggage have been placed at his or her disposal.
Every complaint must be made in writing and given or dispatched within the times aforesaid.
If no complaint is made within the times aforesaid, no action shall lie against the carrier, save in the case of fraud on its part.
The Contracting Carrier is the carrier whose name or code appears over the flight ticket.
The method of calculating that period shall be determined by the law of the court seised of the case.
The procedure can be started in relation to any complaints arising from disruptions or failures to comply with link contract of carriage concluded with Alitalia.
ARTICLE XV CHANGES AND WAIVERS No agent, employee or servant of Alitalia is entitled to change, substitute or cancel these G.
No clause of these G.
Alitalia handles all of its customer data according to the provisions set forth by the Italian Legislative Decree No.
If the passenger does not give consent to the processing of personal data or he or she revokes such consent, Alitalia may not be able to provide whole or part of the services requested by the passenger.
Pursuant to EU Regulation No.
ALFA, Fiumicino RMZip Code 00054, Italy, or without formal procedures to the following email address: privacy alitalia.
¹ The limits of liability set forth by articles 21, 22 and 23 of Montreal Convention shall be reviewed by the I.
The limits of liability pointed out in these General Conditions of Carriage are those revised with effect from 1 January 2010.

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